Brush Guards and Push Bumpers Available at Kingpin Autosports

 Brush guards and push bumpers, while sounding and looking similar, are quite different in design and application.  Next time you look into purchasing one of these for a vehicle, let us help you make your decision.

What is a Brush Guard?

Brush guards were originally designed as a way to protect your truck or SUV’s grill, lights, bumper and hood from debris, brush guards have become more of a statement addition to larger trucks and SUV’s.  Even though they make a vehicle look more rugged, they do have a practical application as well.

  • Those who drive their vehicles off-road or through wooded areas often have brush guards installed in order to protect their vehicles front end from being damaged by tree limbs and bushes.  This is mainly general protection from glancing damage.
  • This aftermarket accessory can also assist in reducing damage to a vehicle should it be in an accident, such as striking an animal, as they are made of stronger materials such as heavy duty rolled steel.  The wide width of a brush guard can more evenly distribute the force of an impact reducing the damage to your vehicle and occupants.


What is a Push Bumper?



As the name says, a push bumper is designed for pushing.  While it looks a lot like a smaller brush guard, a push bumper is built stronger and made of thicker materials in order to add stability to both the push bumper and the front end of the vehicle.

  •  The most practical use for a push bumper is by the police department or military.  Both local and state police vehicles have push bumpers installed for use in traffic stops. 
  •  Other applications include farm owners who maintain livestock and those in the construction industry where the use of excess force for lifting or moving large items may be required.


Whether you want a rougher look for your Truck or SUV or have a more practical use in mind, we have the right product for you.  At Company 1 in St. Joseph, MO we strive to deliver excellent products and service to every customer every time.  For more information on any of our products please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment and one of our experienced staff members will be glad to assist you with your aftermarket or custom installation. 


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